Members of the Committee

Joint Committee of the Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code for Existing Buildings & Structures

In accordance with RIGL section 23-29.1-2(a), the Committee shall consist of eleven (11) members: five (5) members of the Building Code Standards Committee [BCSC], five (5) members of the Fire Safety Code Board of Appeal and Review [FSCB] and the FSCB Executive Director (ex officio / non-voting member).

Wayne R. Pimental [Chairperson of BCSC], Vice-Chairperson (B)

Mark J. Blackburn, P.E. (F)
Rodger Booth (F)
Alfred T. DeCorte (B)
John P. Horan (F)
Richard J. Mancini (F)
Michael A. Newman (B)
Walter Powers, Jr. (B)
*Gordon W. Preiss, P.E. (B)

*W Keith Burlingame, Esq., Executive Secretary


* Original Committee members (1/22/02)

(F) = FSCB representative / (B) = BCSC representative

Assistant Administrative Officer: Sallie D. Mazzur
Administrative Assistant: Desiree Campanini